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Breeding Program

Our unique operation means that we are in control of our entire breeding program.

Our replacement ewes are bred from our own flock of merinos, using top Border Leicester sires from renowned local studs. Our first-cross ewes are covered with exceptional Dorset rams with quality stud genetics to produce our prime lambs. When choosing sires we look for a good length of carcass and optimum eye muscle.

The sheep share the improved rich basalt country with a high-performing commercial Angus herd.

Rotational grazing is vital to maintaining the health of our animals. Rotational soybean crops are planted as part of our rehabilitation paddock improvement. The legumes are used to improve the fertility of the paddocks by aerating the soil and providing nitrogen. The crop is cut as silage and then the paddock is ready to be sown down to pasture.

Pastures are rotated with crops and each paddock is treated with an all-natural organic brew. Since using the brew we have noticed healthier pastures, a reduction in worm issues for the sheep, improved condition of stock, an increase in quality and quantity of feed, balanced soil ecology and a significant reduction in weeds.

We’ve also gone to extraordinary lengths to improve the condition of our 18-18.5 micron merino wool.

The New England receives an average annual rainfall of 34 inches.