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Our Story

We’re a proud family owned and operated business that has been breeding Angus cattle for three generations and 75 years. We have also been producing prime lambs for nearly 50 years.

We’re passionate about our product and take absolute care from “paddock to plate”, promising premium lamb and beef and a quality eating experience.

It was back in 1926 when Reginald FitzRoy, with his wife Ruby, found a beautiful and productive block of land in the New England region of NSW. Potatoes initially drew the main income on ‘Carawatha’ until Reg decided to purchase some merino wethers, followed closely by a mob of merino ewes. In 1965, the FitzRoy family started producing prime lambs that sold for five pounds each at the time. That same year Reg and Ruby’s son Brian purchased ‘Inglewood’, a property about 20 minutes down the road, to help them through the drought years of 1964/65.

The rest, as they say, is history…